Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies - Over 100 Recipes--Essential Oils, Herbs, and Natural Ingredients to Treat Common Aches and Pains - Melissa Corkhill

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Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies is a comprehensive guide including 100+ recipes and nearly 70 applications to understanding how to use herbs and oils to help the mind, body and soul.

Herbal remedies include everything from teas to ointments to tonics and tinctures. They help with ailments such as bug bites and stings, food poisoning, insomnia, shingles, sore throat, acne, arthritis and so much more! Easy to follow chapters are divided by the body's primary systems including digestive, nervous, respiratory, urinary, and skin as well as sections on the remedies to help the heart and mind.

With the recipes and their uses in the forefront, this book is the go-to guide for home remedies.

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