Colourful Sashiko: Includes 47 vibrant designs, basic techniques and stunning projects - Sashikomani

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Explore the wonders of sashiko with Japanese embroidery star Sashikonami! Learn to create your own embellished items with detailed designs in vibrant colors.

Let's explore the traditional Japanese embroidery pattern designs! . This is the long-awaited book by popular sashiko author Sashikonami. This craft book not just produces the Sashiko basics simple designs but also comes with the lovely stitch patterns, it contents over 50+ sashiko stitch items with various geometric forms, shapes and combinations such as flower sashimi, basket weave, ten trees, Hirayama road, cross sashimi, musical note patterns and tree patterns etc. In addition, It is full of practical items such as dish towels, purses, coasters, tissue cases, pouches with zippers, bags, eyeglass cases, and mini shoulder bags.

  • Sashiko Basics and Simple Designs: Starting with the basics is crucial for any craft, and sashiko is no exception. Simple designs will serve as a foundation for beginners, allowing them to build their skills and confidence.
  • Lovely Stitch Patterns: A wide range of stitch patterns add depth and complexity to embroidery projects. The incorporation of these patterns is very attractive for experienced embroiderers looking for a new challenge. From geometric forms and designs to Flower Sashimi, Basket Weave, Ten Trees, Hirayama Road, Cross Sashimi, Musical Note Patterns, Tree Patterns, there are gorgeous patterns to work on for any project!

The combination of diverse designs, practical projects, and clear instructions could make it a valuable resource for anyone interested in traditional Japanese embroidery.

Soft cover

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