Cluedle 2: The Case Of The Golden Pomegranate - Hartigan Browne

Cluedle 2: The Case Of The Golden Pomegranate - Hartigan Browne

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Can you work out Cluedunnit? For mystery fans of all ages, Cluedle – The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is the perfect puzzle book for code-cracking families and skilful young super sleuths.

Set sail on the high seas with world famous private investigator Hartigan Browne and crack the curious case of the Golden Pomegranate by solving 50 fun brain-busting puzzles.

A funny and intriguing mystery story set on a super yacht where detectives need to discover:

- Who broke into Alota Vibratto’s safe?
- How the professor’s milkshake was poisoned?
- What’s hidden in an ancient maze?
- And who’s gone overboard?!

Packed full of codes to crack, evidence to evaluate, clues to unravel and maps to navigate, Cluedle - The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is puzzling fun for the whole family.

Author Information

Hartigan Browne, arguably Britain's greatest detective, has solved hundreds of complex crimes including robberies, murders, accidental deaths, fraud and at least one case of handling a salmon suspiciously. His success, however, means he is now overwhelmed with people requiring his help and cannot keep up with the demand for his services. A great believer that everyone has a brilliant mind, he is keen to mentor those who have the perseverance, resilience and curiosity that is required to join the Hartigan Browne Detective Agency.


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