Call Me Brother - Kate Day

Call Me Brother - Kate Day

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The Story of a New Zealand Doctor in Bangladesh

What happens when one person refuses to tolerate injustice and gives everything they have to see it right? Edric Baker was driven by the idea that healthcare should be available for every person, rich or poor.

In wartime Vietnam, he performed complex surgery on a patient, only to see him return and die from dysentery, a disease of poverty. Baker refused to accept that healthcare would remain out of the reach of the poor, and devoted himself to living out an alternative.

From New Zealand to Vietnam and finally to Bangladesh, this is a story of dogged persistence as, sustained by his Christian faith, Baker confronts the 'emergency of poverty' allied with the best people for the task: the poor themselves. Over three decades in Bangladesh, Baker became the nation's 'Doctor Brother' and pioneered diabetes treatment costing just a few cents per day.



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