Biology for Curious Kids

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Young readers can take their first step in a lifelong love of the natural world with this introduction to biology, presented in a wonderful jacketed hardback format with full-colour illustrations.

This inspirational book is packed with clear and engaging explanations of the natural world and the science behind it, accompanied by beautiful full-colour illustrations by Alex Foster.  Supporting STEM learning, this book is an ideal supplement to school education as it covers many core topics in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

Big new concepts pop off the page thanks to vibrant diagrams and an engaging, energetic text. Kids will relish sharing them with friends and family!

Young readers will love exploring exhilarating new ideas about:
• The human body and its organs
• Animals, plants, and other living things
• The microscopic universe of cells
• Ecology and biodiversity

Perfect for readers aged 8-12.


Large Hardcover

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