Bill Hammond: Across the Evening Sky - Peter Vangioni

Bill Hammond: Across the Evening Sky - Peter Vangioni

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Bill Hammond was an artist with a singular vision. One of the greats of Aotearoa’s art history, his paintings of bird-people occupying mythologised landscapes empty of human inhabitants have mesmerised audiences for three decades. This book shows the artist at his finest.


• An exclusive interview between the legendary Bill Hammond and fellow artist Tony de Lautour.

• Engaging, readable texts by Rachael King, Nic Low, Paul Scofield, Ariana Tikao and Peter Vangioni.

• Huge images and details of some of Hammond’s finest paintings.

• Responses to Hammond’s practice by artists including Fiona Pardington, Marlon Williams and Shane Cotton among others.

Produced by the same team who made Bill Hammond: Jingle Jangle Morning, which won Best Illustrated Book at the New Zealand Book Awards, and Best Book at the Publishers Association Book Awards



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