Besties Work It Out - Kayla Miller

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A fun and fresh graphic novel series spin-off of the New York Times bestselling 'Click' series, featuring aspiring entrepreneurs Beth and Chanda!

When the girls land a lucrative dogsitting gig, they're sure that fame, fortune and popularity can't be far behind, but nothing can prepare them for the mishap that throws their business plan – and friendship – into chaos!

Meet Beth and Chanda, two stylish best friends on their way to building their fashion empire!  An unexpected business opportunity presents itself when the girls are asked to dogsit at Ms Langford's luxurious house while she’s away, but it quickly turns into a disaster after an accident leaves one of Ms Langford’s prized possessions in pieces!  Now Beth and Chanda have to take on as many odd jobs as they can in order to afford a replacement.  Car washing, book sales, interior decorating – you name it, Beth and Chanda are there!  Will they be able to patch up their mistake in time?




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