Beer Food: Recipes for great food to eat with beer - Ross Dobson

Beer Food: Recipes for great food to eat with beer - Ross Dobson

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The ultimate cookbook for beer-lovers: bold flavours, relaxed recipes and beer-matching know-how, for the best food to enjoy with a brew

There is more than a little truth in the suggestion that beer is humankind's greatest ever invention. It was a thirsty appetite that motivated people to grow the grains needed to make beer; bread was more an afterthought.

And while wine might be synonymous with fancy restaurant fare, beer is the perfect match for the big, bold flavours of Piri Piri Chicken, Lamb Shawarma or Goulash. Nothing cuts through the heat of Fish Baked in Chipotle or the salty crispness of Calamari Fritti more than the fresh fizz of a cold beer.

Beer Food is the perfect recipe book and beer-matching guide to the flavours you love with a brew. Featuring 80 relaxed, authentic dishes drawing from cuisines internationally, and sprinkled with features on favourite beers from around the world, this is a cookbook that understands that Great Food + Good Beer = Happiness.



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