Art Detective: Spot the Difference!

Art Detective: Spot the Difference!

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This highly engaging book teaches young readers about great works of art by challenging them to spot the difference between the original and a sly forgery.

From Michelangelo to Picasso, art history is filled with stories of spectacular forgeries that have stumped the greatest scholars of their time. It is from this fascinating angle that young readers learn about the great works of art in this fun and educational book. Set in an imaginary museum, it presents reproductions of famous art works alongside forgeries.

Readers are asked to play detective as they examine each painting closely, looking for the differences. Along the way a small cartoon sleuth leads them through the paintings, uncovering technical and historical details that enhance readers' appreciation and knowledge. Whether they're examining Seurat's painting of an afternoon scene on the island of La Grande Jatte; an arrangement of flowers by Sargent; van Gogh's Starry Night; or Rousseau's Exotic Landscape, readers will be playfully drawn into the world of great art and no doubt eager to examine other works first hand.

AGES: 6 +

AUTHOR: Doris Kutschbach is the author of numerous art books for children and adults alike. Her previous books with Prestel include The Blue Rider: The Yellow Cow Sees the World in Blue, The Art Treasure Hunt, and Living Monet: The Artist's Gardens. 



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