Around the World in 80 Buildings - David Long

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Explore the world's most fascinating buildings - from castles to skyscrapers - from your own living room! Covers a huge range of manmade structures from deep underground to outer space. Includes a beautiful central gatefold that opens up to display all 80 featured structures and where they are located on a map.

Where can you eat dinner under the sea? Which country has the most pyramids? Can a church become a swimming pool?

Including a stunning central gatefold map that opens out to reveal where all 80 structures are located, this book is a visual celebration of the incredible structures people have built throughout history and their cultural significance. From ancient wonders such as Stonehenge to bridges spanning countries, record breaking rollercoasters and hotels where even the beds are made of ice.

Discover a floating palace, a terracotta army, a cinema in a bank vault, and a building so tall that clouds form at the top!


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