Around and About Aotearoa - Dave Gunson

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Absolutely fascinating book and not just for kids! Who knew Y fronts weren't a thing before 1940 in NZ? A book you will want to read before the kids immerse themselves in it and regale you with a million interesting facts about Aotearoa - Karen

Who built New Zealand’s first car? Or our first aeroplane? Where was our first bread baked? Ever wondered which pie is Aotearoa’s favourite? Or our favourite ice cream? Which lake could swallow the Auckland Sky Tower with plenty of room to spare? Where’s our longest bridge? Or our shortest river? What does koru actually mean?

Author and illustrator Dave Gunson has embarked on a wacky and eye-opening tiki tour around Aotearoa New Zealand past and present, and has found the answers to all these and other equally fascinating and important questions.
Read them all in Around and About Aotearoa!

Large hardcover

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