All You Need to Know About Dogs: By A. Cat - Fred Blunt

All You Need to Know About Dogs: By A. Cat - Fred Blunt

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A laugh-out-loud picture book about dogs, written from the perspective of a self-assured cat. This is another fun and sassy picture book from author/illustrator Fred Blunt.

This time, he's focusing on the age-old question: are you a cat person or a dog person?

The cat telling this story is on a mission to convince us that cats are best, by pointing out that dogs stink, they slobber, and they enjoy rolling around in cow poop... But when the cat narrator meets a scary BIG CAT, a group of loyal local dogs come to the cat's rescue. Will our cat finally accept that dogs can be clever, too?
Dogs are STUPID.
The End.
Oh. You're still here?
Fine, I'll prove it...

This picture book will have adults and children alike laughing out loud. And whether you're a dog-lover or a cat-lover, everyone will love the heartwarming ending.


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