All Blacks Don't Cry: A Story of Hope -John Kirwan (revised & updated)

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An updated edition of the groundbreaking and bestselling memoir by mental health advocate and former All Black Sir John Kirwan.

‘I’ve been to hell and I’m back. If you’re in that same place, then I understand what you’re going through . . . Hang on to hope.’

All Blacks Don’t Cry is the remarkable story of hope and healing from well-known mental health campaigner and legendary All Black, Sir John Kirwan.

While ‘JK’ is now famous for sharing his experiences with depression, there was a time when he suffered alone.

One of the most devastating wingers New Zealand, and world, rugby had ever seen, he was a prominent and revered figure at the dawn of the professional age, who seemed to live a charmed life.

But nobody knew that, behind closed doors, JK was living a life of torment. Afflicted with depression for many years – including those as a high-profile sportsman – Kirwan was able to survive by reaching out, seeking help from those closest to him.

The publication of All Blacks Don’t Cry was an emphatic reminder that anyone can be afflicted with mental illness, becoming an instant bestseller.

In this new edition, JK returns to the powerful story that has helped countless readers and families learn to speak up and reach out. With new messages of inspiration, personal experiences, practical advice and updated resources for a post-Covid world, it continues to be an urgent and essential guide for those battling depression and anxiety today.

‘May be the most useful book ever written by a New Zealand rugby player.’
— Philip Matthews, Weekend Press
‘An inspirational read . . . I would recommend it for GP and patient alike.’
 NZ Doctor



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