All About Me! Art Journal - Nicole Sipe

All About Me! Art Journal - Nicole Sipe

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My Time Capsule: All About Me! Art Journal is an interactive art and activity journaling experience that allows kids to make a record of their everyday lives that they will cherish years later.

With creative and imaginative drawing prompts, My Time Capsule: All About Me! Art Journal is an interactive journaling experience that allows kids to record a slice of their lives to look back on later. This entertaining sketchbook journal is filled with quick and easy-to-answer questions and space to write and draw the answers. Also included are stickers, suggestions of things to tape or paste into the book, things to color and cut out, and tips on how to doodle everyday life. Once the last prompt is complete, journalers will mark the date to open the time capsule journal, and then put the book away. Their time capsule awaits their older selves!

With My Time Capsule: All About Me! Art Journal, children can draw, doodle, design, and color the answers to questions about everyday life. Some prompts include:

- This is an outline of my hand... and this is an outline of my foot.
- This is what my bedroom looks like from above.... and when I look out my window, this is what I see.
- This is a portrait of a special member of my family. This is why they are special to me.
- This is a memory of my favorite birthday... and this is a drawing of what I want for my next birthday!
- If I could have three wishes granted, this is what they would be.

Thought-provoking prompts, space to draw and write on every page, cut-outs, and a bonus sticker sheet drive creativity and engagement in the moment, as well as record things about everyday life that a child may otherwise forget. Each prompt is dated, so the book can be completed all at once or over a longer period of time, and in no particular order. Additionally, interactive activities demonstrate how to create a time capsule related to the art and activities completed in the journal and then bury them for the next generation to discover.

Entertaining and fun in the moment, this drawing journal is also meant to be saved to become a treasured keepsake years later.

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