Agnes and the Hen - Elle Rowley

Agnes and the Hen - Elle Rowley

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Meet Agnes the Great Dane and a one-of-a-kind hen in this charming and amusing picture book for children aged 3-5

Head down to the farm again with Agnes the Great Dane and a very special and individual hen called Rosie.

Down on the farm the hens do everything together. They peck at their food in perfectly straight lines and sleep in a perfect row in their coop. All except one, that is: Rosie. Rosie likes to sleep in a tree and loves following Agnes the Great Dane round the farmyard. Sometimes being different from the others makes Rosie feel left out but, with Agnes's help, Rosie will discover that staying true to yourself might just be her greatest strength.

Elle Rowley, the Founder of Solly Baby, brings laughter and charm to the second story in the Agnes series that shows you how to avoid following the crowd and embrace your true self.

Soft cover

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