A Practical Guide to Rune Magic Kit

A Practical Guide to Rune Magic Kit

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Reading Runes in Divination, Casting Techniques and Interpreting the Ancient Stones – Includes: 25 Runes, Velvet Bag, 64-page Instruction Book

Explore the mysterious powers of the runic alphabet with the Rune Magic Kit, which includes 25 runes, a velvet pouch for carrying them, and a guide to their meanings.

Derived from an old Germanic word meaning “whisper, secret, or mystery,” runes were the alphabetical letters of the Norse and Germanic tribes in northern Europe from the pre-Christian era until the thirteenth century. A Practical Guide to Rune Magic Kit explains the history of the runes, the meaning of the runic alphabet, and the power of the secret symbols they contain. 

Discover the divinatory meanings for each rune and learn about the magical art of runic divination. Use rune casts such as “The Celtic Cross” or the “Nordic Oracle” to discern the likely outcome of current situations or discover hidden things. 

This kit includes:

  • 25 runes
  • Drawstring velvet pouch
  • 64-page instruction book

Start diving into the runic symbols and their divinatory meanings today!

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