A Life Of Her Own

A Life Of Her Own - Ellen Feldman

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When life doesn't give you a happily ever after ...

New York City, 1945. The war is over, the men are coming home and life can go back to normal for young Fanny Fabricant.  But when she loses her rosy future in a single instant, she is forced to reinvent her life and raise her daughter alone by sheer will and courage.

Brought up to be a 'nice girl', to never step out of bounds, and educated for a career as a wife and mother, Fanny quickly learns that the real world isn't so straightforward.

When Fanny gets a job working for the queen of radio dramas, she finally has a sense of control over her destiny - until two very different men enter her life, giving Fanny an impossible choice.  Will she play it safe, or do what she knows is right?

Ellen Feldman, the international bestselling author of Paris Never Leaves You, presents a gripping tale of ethics, love and self-determination in a vivid historical setting - a story of heart, history and impossible choices.


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