A Life Less Punishing: 13 Ways To Love the Life You've Got - Matt Heath

A Life Less Punishing: 13 Ways To Love the Life You've Got - Matt Heath

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A funny, insightful guide to mastering your emotions and getting the most out of life, for fans of Bridget Delaney's Reasons Not to Worry and Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty.

'Matt has a hilarious way of articulating an important message. Highly valuable advice for anyone.' - KIERAN READ

'This excellent book is confirmation that despite common perception Matt is actually a deep-thinking, highly intelligent human being. Who would have thought?' - JEREMY WELLS

'A book as amazing and inspiring as the man who wrote it, whether he is qualified for the job or not!' - URZILA CARLSON

Why is it that no matter how good things get, we still feel dissatisfied? A few years ago, Matt Heath decided to find a way to live a life less punishing. He took a deep dive into why we feel the way we do and how to change it, interviewing leading international thinkers in neuroscience, philosophy, biology and psychology on the reasons behind our unwelcome emotions: anger, worry, stress, loneliness and many more.

Are you grumpy, bored, stressed, or blowing up over stuff that doesn't matter? Then read this book. Turns out, once you have the tools to unpack and take charge of your emotions, life gets better - for you, your mates and your family.

Witty, wise, irreverent and eminently readable, this is the book you need if you want to live a happier, better life.


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