A Kid's Life in a Medieval Castle (So You Think You've Got It Bad?) - Chae Strathie

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'Had a lot of fun looking through this! An absolute must for anyone with a child that has ever complained about how hard done by they are! Karen'

Packed with historical facts, this is a brilliantly funny and fascinating look at what life was really like for kids in a medieval castle.

Part of Nosy Crow's list of publishing in collaboration with the British Museum, developed in consultation with some of the world's leading experts on medieval history.

A kid's life in a medieval castle might sound like fun, what with all those cool battles and massive feasts, but actually life for kids could be pretty hard. In this hilarious book, written by award-winning author Chae Strathie, children will learn just how tough life really was, from getting stuck in a siege and living next to a poo-filled moat to having teeth yanked out with pliers... and even eating live blackbird pie!

Probably the first book about medieval times to feature talking cats and bottom burps, this is a must read for kids with a passion for horrible history! Brought to life with rich, humorous illustrations by super-talented Marisa Morea.


Large Soft Cover

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