A Curious Daughter - Jules Van Mil

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Joy Meredith has the world at her feet.

She has just turned eighteen, is starting a vet science degree and has defied her mother by moving to her own place in the city. She has a boyfriend and a job at the local pub. Her future seems set.

Then Joy meets Mick Harris. Charismatic, talented and wild, Mick is the lead singer in a band that is going places - fast.

He is everything Joy's life is not.

When they head to the dizzying lights in London in the 1980s - and an intoxicating whirlwind of gigs, stardom and modelling - the past begins to overwhelm Mick and the cracks erupt: in Mick, in their relationship, and in Joy's own life.

As things fall apart, Joy has to follow her heart around the world to find her way home.




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