A Better Best Friend - Olivier Tallec

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A feel-good picture book about best friendship told with dry comedy and an open ending―squirrel and mushroom are best friends until another best friend (a fly) comes to play.

“This morning when I was out walking, I found a best friend. At least I think so. It certainly looks a lot like it! He really has a best friend kind of face.”

In this comedic picture book exploring a forever childhood question about friendship, squirrel and a mushroom explore the forest through the seasons, show each other special trees, build snow mushrooms, share the good times and bad―which become good bad times alongside a friend.

Then spring arrives, and so does a new friend. And then another. This raises a profound question for an overthinking squirrel: should we have just one best friend?

After much drama, Squirrel doesn't find an answer―the friends keep coming―and he ends the book with at least three better best friends.

Hard cover

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