Irresistible Felted Baby Animals: Needle Felted Cuties - Sachiko Susa

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"Susa's approach to needle felting will give beginners the know-how to get started, but experienced felters will also appreciate her whimsical designs." --Library Journal

Irresistible Felted Baby Animals shows you how to bring out the playfulness and wide-eyed innocence of sweet young creatures of backyards, barnyards, woodlands and seas from all over the world.This new collection by Sachiko Susa, the author of the bestselling Cute Needle Felted Animals, will appeal to beginners and experienced felters alike.

Learn how to create felted cuties from all walks of life!
An easy and incredibly cute baby seal, chick or penguinWoodland buddies like foxes, bears and raccoonsExotic friends from foreign lands like the panda, lion, koala and manulFamily pets like puppies, kittens, bunnies and hamstersAnd more--18 different animal friends in 30 different poses!
Perfect for beginners and experienced felters alike, the felting projects are presented according to the level of experience required to make them, with detailed step-by-step instructions for each. Actual-size diagrams for the key body parts make it easy to reproduce their sizes and shapes accurately. Active (and sleeping) poses make the figures extremely lifelike and give you a variety of options so you can even assemble a whole litter of cuties!



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