Metalbird Tui Twosome

Metalbird Tui Twosome

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To kick off the breeding season, male Tūī perch in circles to out-sing each other in ‘song battles’ – and with two voice boxes each we’re talking the NZSO of birdsong, here – while females sit on the outside waiting to be impressed. They also perform ‘the trill’, a special high-frequency sexy song which the females apparently find a complete turn-on. Want a symbol of love for your garden? Two Tūī, Tūī-gether forever, oughta do it.

Our Tūī Twosome is:

  • 26.5cm high by 46cm wide (includes measurement of the branch/spike)
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Crafted in 3mm Corten® 'weathering' Steel to form a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons
  • The perfect gift for your one-and-only

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