Outrider - Mark Wales

Outrider - Mark Wales

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Jack Dunne will do anything to save his son.

A violent civil war. An unstoppable enemy. One road to freedom.

In the wake of a global conflict, foreign forces occupy part of Australia, quashing all but a few pockets of local resistance. The tense stalemate ends in 2034, when Jack Dunne reignites the war.

Dunne is an Outrider, one of the last elite special operations soldiers in the Resistance. As the enemy prepare to eliminate the freedom fighters once and for all, he is tasked with his final mission.

If Dunne and his eleven-year-old son achieve the impossible, and survive, they'll secure their future across the border in Free Australia.

But the road to victory will be bloody.

A cinematic action-thriller from bestselling author and veteran Mark Wales. Explosive and exhilarating, Outrider is a heartfelt father-and-son story of survival, resistance and hope.

Praise for Outrider

'Outrider hit me like a spare tyre packed with C4 - action-packed, thrilling and utterly convincing' Jack Heath

'A fast-paced, high-octane thriller for fans of Lee Child, Chris Ryan and Matthew Reilly' Books+Publishing

'A gritty action tale' Sydney Morning Herald

Author Information

Mark Wales grew up in Western Australian mining towns and decided early that he wanted to join Australian Special Forces. He embarked on a career that would eventually lead him to Afghanistan. There, as a troop commander in charge of 30 elite soldiers, Mark led combat missions deep behind enemy lines.

Today he is an accomplished corporate speaker, reality TV star, actor, and CEO and founder of a tough luxury fashion label. He appeared in George Miller's Mad Max film Furiosa.

In 2021 Mark published his memoir Survivor, a national bestseller. Outrider is his first novel. He lives in Melbourne and Perth with his wife Samantha Gash and their son.



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