Moscow X

Moscow X - David McCloskey

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A daring CIA operation threatens chaos in the Kremlin. Its execution is foiled by a Russian woman with secret loyalties.


CIA operatives Sia and Max enter Russia to recruit Vladimir Putin's moneyman.  Sia works for a London firm that conceals the wealth of the super-rich.  Max's family business in Mexico ‒ a CIA front since the 1960s ‒ is a farm that breeds high-end racehorses.

They pose as a couple, and their targets are Vadim, Putin's private banker, and his wife Anna, who is both a banker and an intelligence officer.  As they descend further into a Russian world dripping with luxury and rife with gangland violence, Sia and Max's hope may be Anna, who is playing a game of her own.  Careening between the horse ranch and the dark opulence of Saint Petersburg, Moscow X is both a gripping and a daring work of political commentary on the conflict between Washington and Moscow.



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