Moon Road - Sarah Leipciger

Moon Road - Sarah Leipciger

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Gripping, witty, emotional literary breakout for fans of ELIZABETH STROUT and BARBARA KINGSOLVER: an estranged couple meet again after twenty years for a roadtrip across Canada in search of their lost daughter.

'Sarah Leipciger is a consummate storyteller' RACHEL JOYCE
'Tough, tender, wonderful' JOANNA QUINN, author of The Whalebone Theatre
sucker-punch of a novel' GRAZIA
'Kathleen is a wonderful character, spiky and obstinate, but also vulnerable and big-hearted’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

It’s irksome to her, how well she knows this man, how much he has changed and how exactly the same he is ...

Kathleen and Yannick have not spoken for nineteen years, not since what happened with their daughter.

Now, there’s unexpected news from the other side of the country, and the call for a road trip they can only make together.

As they rattle over two thousand miles in a pick-up, through forests, over mountains and into service stations, an alluring history reveals itself: of fierce love, complicated ex-wives and headstrong children, and of a unique bond that never really went away.

As they drive, argue, gossip and reminisce, an unexpected future for this once estranged couple begins to emerge.

MOON ROAD captures the wonder and grief of watching our children grow up; of recovering from long buried pain, and rediscovering those closest to us when we think we know all there is to know; and of learning to live and love in a completely new way.



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