Goodbye Birdie Greenwing - Ericka Waller

Goodbye Birdie Greenwing - Ericka Waller

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From the author of DOG DAYS, a funny, emotional novel about three women made lonely by circumstance, made rich by new friends. For fans of Lenni and Margot and the novels of Joanna Cannon.

'A lovely and poignant novel, filled with insight and dry wit... The painful, funny struggles of the women in this book - mothers, daughters, sisters, neighbours, doctors, patients - will resonate with readers everywhere.' KATHERINE HEINY, author of GAMES AND RITUALS

'Goodbye Birdie Greenwing is one of those books that lingers... I laughed, cried and felt more compassionate for reading it. A triumph.' JENNIE GODFREY, author of THE LIST OF SUSPICIOUS THINGS

'Oh, the exquisite, tender misfits in Goodbye Birdie Greenwing! I love them all. I love the way loneliness is gathered up into such a delightfully odd community. I love the entire book.' CATHERINE NEWMAN, author of WE ALL WANT IMPOSSIBLE THINGS


Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget ...

Birdie Greenwing has been at a loose end ever since her beloved twin sister and husband passed away. Too proud and stubborn to admit she is lonely, Birdie’s world has shrunk. But then some new neighbours move in to the house next door.

Jane has come to Brighton for a fresh start, away from her ferociously protective mother Min. While Jane finds it hard to stand up for herself, her daughter Frankie has no problem telling people what she does and doesn’t want. Ada Kowalski has come to England to follow her dreams, but her new life is harder than she expected.

When a series of incidents brings their lives crashing together, the three find that there is always more to a person than meets the eye …

Goodbye Birdie Greenwing celebrates relationships in all their quirky, complicated uniqueness. It is a story about the choices we make and how we justify them. About finding out who we are, not who other people think we should be.




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