Daughter Of Calamity - Rosalie M. Lin

Daughter Of Calamity - Rosalie M. Lin

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Daughter of Calamity is an irresistibly dark and atmospheric reimagining of 1930s Shanghai filled with glamour, gods and gangsters - perfect for fans of S. A. Chakraborty and Fonda Lee.

In Shanghai, danger wears many faces . . .

1932, Shanghai. By day, Jingwen delivers bones for her grandmother, the exclusive surgeon to the most formidable gang in the city. By night, she dances at the Paramount, a lavish cabaret club, competing ruthlessly to charm the wealthy patrons.

When mysterious attackers starts stealing dancers’ faces for the powerful elite, Jingwen fears she could be next. To protect herself and her fellow performers, Jingwen has no choice but to delve deeper into the city’s glittering underworld.

But in this treacherous realm of cutthroat businessmen, silver-limbed gangs and vengeful gods, Jingwen soon learns there are far more dangerous forces at play than she could have ever imagined . . .



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