All That We Know - Shilo Kino

All That We Know - Shilo Kino

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This is Aotearoa, New Zealand.

This is a novel about who we are now.

Past, present and future.

All that we have

is All That We Know.

Meet Māreikura Pohe: she's in love with her best friend, though he's about to abandon her; and she's an accidental activist, though she never asked for the spotlight. Navigating self-diagnosed ADHD and a new relationship while reclaiming her language is no easy feat. But as her platform grows, Māreikura unwittingly becomes a voice for change against the far-reaching consequences of colonisation. The question remains: at what personal cost?

A modern take on family and friendship and how, even in a divided world, love and connection can triumph against all odds.

'Magnificent ... a well-observed mirror of our current time' Pip Adam

'Shilo Kino is an extraordinary writer - a growing, potent voice in Aotearoa/NZ literature. All That We Own Know is a clever, knowing insight into language trauma and reclamation and how we each navigate our experiences of colonisation and healing through te ao Māori me te ao Pakeha...' Miriama Kamo



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