WerkShoppe - Road Trip 1000Pc Puzzle

WerkShoppe - Road Trip 1000Pc Puzzle

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Art by Marina Ester Castaldo

Marina Ester Castaldo, born and raised in Naples, Italy, is an Italian designer, illustrator, and web developer currently living and working in London, UK. Her art is influenced by her sensory responses to her surroundings. She is fascinated by human nature, everyday life, and emotions people feel but are often so afraid to show. She describes her work process as being very spontaneous, natural, and ever evolving. Marina creates her art to make the public “feel that something”, and even if unexplainable or unnamable, to illicit an emotion, a vibe, a wave inside that shakes one to the core.

  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Assembled puzzle size: 490mm x 675mm
  • Includes 2 reference art inserts
  • ESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink
  • Ribbon random-cut pieces
  • Box size: 205 x 254 x 50mm
  • Recommended age:  13+ years

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