Mini and Milo: The Teeny Tiny Voice Book 1- Venita Dimos

Mini and Milo: The Teeny Tiny Voice Book 1- Venita Dimos

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Mini and Milo help children gain much-needed skills such as conflict management and resilience skills.
Story-led, with humour and heart, this series follows the adventures of Mini and Milo as they navigate friendship and all its ups and downs, such as competitiveness, managing inner voices, learning to listen, and communicating effectively.

The Teeny-Tiny Voice is the perfect book to share with your child to learn how to master our inner voices and the skills for POSITIVE SELF-TALK.

Mini has a tiny house, a tiny bedroom, and a tiny best friend who dreams of being a magician. She also has a big secret – she hears a tiny invisible voice that sometimes causes big trouble. Mini realises that just as she has rules to follow, she just might be able to set some for her own invisible mischief maker, turning anxieties into affirmations.

Soft cover

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