Little Bear's Trousers - Jane Hissey

Little Bear's Trousers - Jane Hissey

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Join Little Bear as he hunts for his missing trousers!

A timeless bedtime classic from Jane Hissey's beloved, BAFTA award-winning teddy bear series, Old Bear and Friends.

One morning, Little Bear awakes to find his favourite red trousers are missing! He sets off in search of them, but soon discovers that his friends have already found a variety of hilarious uses for them - Rabbit as a skiing hat, Duck as a flag, and Dog as his new two-bone bone holder bag! The other toys rally around to help, but will Little Bear ever be reunited with his beloved trousers?

Creativity and humour beams from each page in this brand new paperback edition of misplaced pants and mischievous teddies, perfect for sharing with little ones up to 5 years old. Jane Hissey's beautiful, best-selling teddy bear series is packed with heartfelt humour, nostalgia and vintage illustrations.

Soft cover

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