The Secret Language of Flowers

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A beautifully illustrated gift book that explores the uses and symbolic meanings of flowers throughout history

Discover the uses and symbolic meanings of flowers over the centuries and across the globe.

Flowers have been depicted as objects of beauty and wonder in countless paintings and poems, exchanged as tokens of love and affection, and displayed as symbols of both celebration and remembrance - "saying it with flowers" is truly part of the human experience. But how does the significance of flowers vary across cultures and at different points in history? And what makes certain flowers special?

The Secret Language of Flowers explores the meaning of more than 80 flowers, tracing their history as symbols and charting their role in folklore and mythology around the world.

Uncover the rich and fascinating histories of individual flowers - the sunflower, for example, which was regarded by the Aztecs as a symbol of war, but became a symbol of devotion in 19th-century painting due to the fact that it "turns its head" to follow the sun. Learn about the function of flowers in society, from the practical to the playful - flowers have been used as remedies - to soothe burns and aid digestion, for example - and as a means of sending cryptic communications.

From the humble marigold to the complex orchid, the flowers in this book are arranged by season. The rose is celebrated in a dedicated chapter, reflecting its popularity in a variety of cultures and societies.

Quirky, accessible, and informative, The Secret Language of Flowers is an entertaining guide to the rich stories that lie beyond the seductive aromas and dazzling beauty of flowers of all kinds.




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