The Resilient Farmer -  Doug Avery

The Resilient Farmer - Doug Avery

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"What a read! I am seeing first hand how this book is changing lives and have so much to thank Doug Avery for.
Personally, there were some great business lessons for me in this book and I learnt a lot about farming crops in a dry landscape.
Doug is the most sincere guy and so passionate about the mental health cause. He is so giving of himself - the world needs more Dougs!"
Every day I watch my farm burn. Day after day, the sky is a relentless, empty blue. As our land dries up, all my hopes have turned to vapour, lost in that wide, blue yonder.
And so begins Doug Avery's story of emotional resilience in the face of what at times seemed a hopeless situation. The South Island farmer suffered terribly during eight years of drought. His farm was depleted and so was he, to the point of severe depression.
The Resilient Farmer is Doug's powerful example of how to get life back on track. With candour and wisdom, he tells his story of turning desperation into determination, embracing risk, navigating change and, on top of everything, enduring monumental earthquakes.
An inspiring tale of how one man overcame heartbreaking adversity to live a fruitful life and help others.




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