Notes from a Small Kitchen Island - Debora Robertson

Notes from a Small Kitchen Island - Debora Robertson

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Recipes and stories that celebrate the joys and quirks of domestic life, written with candid warmth and humour

"I am so greedily impatient for this book. I want to read it. I want to cook from it."
Nigella Lawson

In Notes from a Small Kitchen Island, food writer Debora Robertson presents a charming miscellany of recipes that celebrate the joys of home and the memories we make in it, collected over the years as she cooked her way through the various kitchens that came in and out of her life.

From nostalgic recipes remembered from childhood, to accidentally Turkish suppers created with ingredients from her local Hackney high street; from feasts improvised in her French holiday cottage to food cooked for the best of friends, Debora's recipes encapsulate the comforts and adventures to be found in the everyday. You'll also learn how to throw a party without losing your mind and what food writers really eat for lunch (mostly toast!).

A chronicle of domestic life, this book comprises decades of fieldwork in the author's natural territory: her kitchen.



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