More From a Quiet Kitchen - Nici Wickes

More From a Quiet Kitchen - Nici Wickes

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Nici Wickes invites you back to her quiet kitchen for a second helping of uncomplicated, delicious recipes.

During the global pandemic, Nici amassed a dedicated following through social media, sharing her recipes and personal stories of dealing with life’s challenges during lockdown and finding joy and fulfilment during this uncertain time through the act of cooking good food. Now living in an increasingly unsettled world, with climate change affecting her daily coastal life and a bout of covid leading to a loss of appetite, Nici once again turns to her kitchen and cooking to soothe her mind and reinvigorate her passion for food — with comforting recipes you can enjoy yourself or share with others.

In More From a Quiet Kitchen Nici Wickes shares her thoughtful advice and insights on many of the challenges we all face in modern living — middle age, loneliness and self-esteem — accompanied by some incredible recipes to ensure you get the most out of life, both in and outside of the kitchen.


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