Murray Ball: A Cartoonist's Life - Mason Ball

Murray Ball: A Cartoonist's Life - Mason Ball

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The long-awaited biography of cartoonist Murray Ball, creator of Footrot Flats

In Murray Ball: A Cartoonist's Life, Murray's son Mason Ball shares all the hits and misses and long years of hard graft that went into what would become the wildly successful creative enterprise: Footrot Flats. From his unique viewpoint and with candid honesty, Mason reveals the real-life backstory to Murray's most iconic characters and themes, telling the story of the man - and father - who could see the quirks of human nature and capture them with the stroke of a pen.

Richly illustrated with family photos and cartoons by the bloke who brought us that most lovable character, the Dog.

Let me show you how my dad became a leading cartoonist of his generation, how his endearing characters evolved and where the insightful and humorous ideas sprang from. Let's see the man behind the drawing desk and delve into the workings of his mind. - Mason Ball



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