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The Getting Lost Game is a Kiwi Invention and is proudly made in New Zealand.

In 2021 they started sending games out to the world with thousands of people around in Australia and the United States (and more spots too) now getting lost too – how awesome is that!

The games are card games designed to be played in the real world.  They have directions and activities on each card (depending on which pack you choose).  There are directions like turn left, turn right, head in the direction the wind is blowing, follow a blue car).  They have a mix of chance and direction cards that mean even if you started playing from the same spot each time, you would end up somewhere new.  The directions are purposefully generic which means that the game can be played anywhere around the world.

It’s a way to switch off the technology and get back to exploring the way we used to do.

Adventurers Edition - It contains 26 “misdirection cards” which give you random directions to (things like turn left, follow a blue car, head in the direction the wind is blowing) to get you being mindfully random in your exploration.


Girls Road Trip EditionThe Getting Lost Girls Road Trip Edition requires no planning at all.  Just grab your favourite group of girls, jump in the car, shuffle the cards and start drawing the cards to find out where you’ll end up and where you’ll stop on the way.

Your distance will be determined by who you have in the car and how many exes, sisters or kids they have, plus a selection of random directions we’ll throw at you. You’ll be stopping to go down slides, buying each other a random outfit at a thrift shop that you have to wear the whole day and choosing where you stop for a drink by the colour of the top the driver is wearing.  You’ll have laughed, eaten, drunk and had that kind of fun that only happens on the best of girls trips.  Even who shouts the next round of drinks or dinner will be decided by the cards.

Road Trip Edition - The 26 card Road Trip Edition has everything you need for an unforgettable all ages road trip. Your course will be decided by dandelions, winners of running races, other cars, your odometer and other random directions. We’ll have you stopping along the way to support local businesses, forming roadside conga lines and having loads of fun.


Our Girls Road Trip Edition is one of our most popular games and we are often asked for an all ages version (and one for including the boys too) so this is it!

Camper Edition - Have a laugh and discover new places in your Camper, Van, House Truck, RV, Caravan or other house on wheels.   The directions are generic so they can be played in what ever country you are in around the world.

Your direction, distance and stops will be based on the way the wind is blowing, the age of your passengers, waves you get, signs, road-kill, cars that pass you, your odometer and a whole bunch of other random things.  Keep going until you get the “stop for the night in the next freedom camping or campground you see” card.


Out of Town Edition - The Out of Town Edition is designed as an add on to an existing Getting Lost Game but could be used as a very short version of the game as a stand alone or added to a Booster Pack for a full game.  They recommend for maximum adventure though you use it as a booster.

Our other games have generic misdirections that are easily transportable to where ever you are in the world.  The Out of Town Edition is the most “Kiwi” of all the misdirection cards so if you are playing outside of NZ you will need to adapt a few cards for your local area with some local features like Tip Top Dairies (a well known ice cream brand in NZ) and Pukeko’s (a large, blue-purplish, wetland-dwelling bird spotted often in NZ).


The Dog's Edition - Un-plan your next walk with your pup.  Grab this pack, get a lead, follow the directions and change up your dog walk.

The 15 card Dog’s Edition is designed to add a little bit of spontaneous fun to your next walk with your favourite pooch.

Shuffle the cards and let them lead you.  There are directions that leave your pup totally in charge – turning left with a wag, right with a woof or deciding the direction by which treat he picks or how he responds when you hold out your hand.  They've also reimagined some of their favourite directions from the Adventurers Edition – follow a blue car becomes follow a brown dog.  Stop for a treat is now stop at the next cafe with a dog bowl outside.  And Head for Home (everyone’s least favourite card) is updated to head for home after the next poop!

Designed as a walking game the Dog’s Edition is a stand alone game that you can take out on any dog walk – or match it up with one of our other games for a car adventure too!


Walkers Edition - these additional 10 misdirection cards are perfect for people on foot or those wanting to add to another set to extend play.

The idea for the booster packs came from purchasers of the Getting Lost Game.  The 10 cards are all pure directions (left, right, north, south and the like).  The feedback was that a couple of the cards aren’t the best for walkers (like follow a blue car – you have to be really fast!).  And some people said they wanted to play for longer.  And some of you just really like the direction cards. So this was designed this just for you!

The booster pack is designed as an add on to an existing Getting Lost Game but could be used as a very short version of the game as a stand alone.  We recommend for maximum adventure though you use it as a booster.  

This pack was formerly known as The Booster Pack.

The Wellbeing Edition - Take a moment for you – grab this pack, keep it with you, follow the directions when you need a wellbeing boost.  The Getting Lost Wellbeing Edition has 30 cards that you can take with you on the train, the car, walks or at home to inject a little mindful wellbeing in to your day.  Our misdirections are either free or very low cost activities that you can do where ever you are to help keep you active, encourage you to take notice, connect, learn and give.


The Cycling Edition - Grab this pack, jump on your bike, follow the directions and find new places to explore while you have a bit of a laugh.  The 26 card Cycling Edition has a mix of direction, activity and a few “stop for a treat” cards to make this a fun and unpredictable day out on your bike.  Your course will be set by helmet hair, the whim of birds, the direction of the wind and winners of races.  Some riders can even gain the power to guide the rest of the group!


The Summer Edition - The Summer Pack is all about giving you inspiration when you are out and about exploring this Summer.  Purposefully nostalgic they have loads of the things we all did on Summer Road Trips when we were young like stopping for hot chips at a country pub, climbing trees, building sculptures out of driftwood, ice creams and dive bombs!  This booster pack is mostly activity based.  


The Dad's Edition - Designed as an add on to the Getting Lost Game – these additional 15 misdirection cards give you 15 ways to treat Dad while out playing the Getting Lost Game!  Whether it’s Fathers Day, Dad’s birthday or just because Dad is awesome and deserves a day out – these 15 cards are specially designed for him.  Dad will be stopping to play (and maybe have a beer), rocking out to his favourite music, hearing what you all love about him and generally having a good time getting lost with his favourite kids!


The “Make Mum’s Day” Edition - Designed as an add on to the Getting Lost Game – these additional 15 misdirection cards give you 15 ways to treat Mum while out playing the Getting Lost Game!

Whether it’s Mothers Day, Mum’s birthday or just because Mum is awesome and deserves a day out – these 15 cards are specially designed for her.  Mum will be stopping for treats, getting her car cleaned out (top of my wish list always!), telling stories and visiting old haunts, having flowers picked for her and generally having a good time getting lost with her favourite kids!

This booster pack is mostly activity based.  We recommend for maximum adventure that you combine this edition with an Adventurers, Standard, Te Reo or Aussie Edition as these have all the direction cards you need to get moving around and exploring while stopping to do fun things with this pack.

The Christmas Edition - The 10 card Christmas Edition is designed to be played on or soon after Christmas Day. Designed to reflect on your Christmas Day you direction will be decided by the gifts you got, your neighbours decorations, a red car (or sleigh) and what you had for your Christmas lunch!

The New Baby Edition - There’s nothing like those first few months with a new baby – the sleepless nights, the first smiles, the amazing days, the days that never end and of course there are the long drives and walks when you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get baby to sleep.  The New Baby Edition is a 15 card Getting Lost Game to bring a little adventure and fun to those walks and drives.

Your direction will be determined by who cried last, your online shopping while feeding, the hours of sleep you’ve had, what you rocked and searched and if you’ve managed to stay in the clothes you were in this morning. We’ll give you a spot on the back of the cards to record where you end up and how you were feeling for your baby to read in years to come.  And because we know how tough those first few months are we’ll give you a few treats and breaks along the way.

The Getting Lost New Baby Edition is the perfect gift for new Mums and Dads as they become part of this very special club for the first time or for seasoned Mum’s to bring siblings in to the fun on walks and drives.  It makes a great Baby Shower gift.

The NZ Bird Edition - The NZ Bird Edition is a 15 card pack that will have you following the paths most likely to lead you to discovering birds and basing your adventures for the day on what those birds do. It’s a perfect way to connect in with nature while exploring and finding new places to discover.  This very special edition features 15 watercolour paintings of native, endemic and introduced birds found in New Zealand by Coromandel artist Cheryl Sands.

 The NZ Bird Edition is a limited edition game so get in early to avoid missing out.

The Bush Walk Edition - The Bush Walk Edition is a 15 card pack that will have you using all your senses as you make your way a little differently on your next bush walk. We’ll connect you with nature, give you activities to do on your walk, get you to look more closely, use your imagination and yes, just enough directions to not get you too lost.

We’ll connect you with nature, give you activities to do on your walk, get you to look more closely, use your imagination and yes, just enough directions to not get you too lost.

The Campground Edition - 

Unplan your next adventure - Grab this pack, take it away camping with you and pull it out every time you hear the dreaded “I’m bored”

This 30 card Campground Edition will have you building up your bike gang, playing spotlight, building forts, making wacky name changes, going on hunts around the campground for various things and a whole bunch of other fun things around the campground.

We've built this game around the things you told us that you'd love to see on a camping trip with your kids - showing gratitude, having fun, being active, having a few treats, caring for others, caring for the environment and making friends.  We have a mix of activities to ensure there are some for inside the tent, caravan, camper or cabin if it's too yuck to go outside.  And we've tried to make it suit as many campgrounds as we possibly can with activities that are easy to do with most free and a couple will cost a few dollars.

Matching Luggage - Bought too many booster packs and now they won’t fit?  Want to design your own Getting Lost Game from our Booster Packs?  Or just feel like changing up your colour?

You can now buy the Getting Lost Suitcase by itself!

The suitcase is designed and printed here in New Zealand using plant based, biodegradable PLA.  It measures 100mm x 85mm x 24mm.  Your case fits the 45 cards.


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