Cereal Entrepreneur - Kaz Staples

Cereal Entrepreneur - Kaz Staples

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This is Kaz's story from humble beginnings.

Strapped for cash with two babies at home in 1997, she decided to make Christmas cakes out of her home kitchen to sell at the local markets. Twenty-two years later, knowing it was time to let go of her baby she sold the highly successful and sought-after cereal and snack brand, Puredelish.  

This is not a 'how to' book, but an honest account of her journey. It is Kaz's story from the heart of how she navigated through the madness of growing a seed of an idea on her own with no money into a well-recognised and trusted, brand.  

The Cereal Entrepreneur is a book about courage, grit, determination and never giving up on your dream, even when others say it's not possible.   This is about a woman and her dreams for her family, her love for her people and the deep love for her brand.   It's about defying the odds, following your passion and always trusting your gut. And when the going gets tough, roll your sleeves up and get on with the show.


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