Your Houseplant's First Year: The Care and Feeding of Your First Grown - Deborah Martin

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Grow joy in your home with Deborah L. Martin's Your Houseplant’s First Year, featuring illustrations by artist Yu Kito Lee!

Being a good plant parent doesn’t mean lavishing your plant with artisanal water, the shiniest pots, or the fanciest fertilizers. It’s about consistent, loving care. No matter whether you choose to bring home an easy-growing peace lily or a strong-willed fiddle-leaf fig, the friendly, expert advice packed inside these pages will help you give your plant everything it needs to thrive.

-Discover the care that’s best for your own special sprout
-Troubleshoot problems and help your plant achieve its full potential
-Expand your plant family with simple propagation tips
-Record special moments―from your plant’s arrival in your home to milestones in growth

Get ready to enjoy a natural, healing bond; new confidence in your plant-parenting abilities; and pride in every achievement your sprout reaches. Your Houseplant’s First Year will be your trusted guide as you grow together



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