WOMXN: Sticks and Stones: Acrostics and Poems to Reclaim the Words that Have Hurt Us

WOMXN: Sticks and Stones: Acrostics and Poems to Reclaim the Words that Have Hurt Us

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By Lexy Wren-Sillevis


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words need never hurt you. A tool for transformation and resilience for womxn

Sticks and Stones is a powerful reclamation of the slurs and insults thrown at womxn for centuries. It's a righting of wrongs - a rewriting of sexist, belittling and shaming language. It's a tool for breaking free from the stereotypes and impossible standards used to confine womxn, transforming them into messages of resilience and resolve. And, most importantly, it's a rallying call for change, healing and empowerment.

No matter your race, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, this book is for all womxn everywhere. It takes the words, slurs, insults and labels that are used to diminish womxn every day and breaks them down and tears them apart. It transmutes and rewrites these words - sometimes with all of the pain they trigger, sometimes in the form of positive affirmations, mantras and poems - all told in acrostics.

With their underlying meditative rhythms, these acrostics are also a remedy for healing wounds and empowering womxn to have the confidence to be their true selves. You can dip in and out, or read it cover to cover. You can come back to, and work through, any words that resonate with you.

Lexy also offers clearing meditations at the back of the book to help you tackle the words that hurt you most, helping to remove them from your past, present and future.

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