Welcome to the Mysteryverse: A World of Unsolved Wonders - Clive Gifford

Welcome to the Mysteryverse: A World of Unsolved Wonders - Clive Gifford

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Welcome to the Mysteryverse! From the big riddles - How did life begin? How will the universe end? Is anybody out there? - to the everyday niggles - Why do cats sit in circles? Why do we yawn? Why is ice slippery? - there is so much that we still dont understand.

Why do we dream? How come more people are right-than left-handed? Whats inside a black hole? Science is pretty amazing, but even though we know more about our universe than ever before, there still remain lots of unanswered questions that fascinate and perplex even the greatest scientific minds. These are the unknowns, the paradoxes and the things not fully explained or understood.
This book is a compendium of these riveting unsolved mysteries, that still have us wondering... How? What? Why? Whisking readers through some of these holes in our scientific knowledge, the accessible and enjoyable book turns to the unanswered questions, what we do know, and some of the best current theories, as well as some of the most far out suggestions!
From the personal (Why do we have fingerprints? Why do we yawn?) to the fundamental (How did life begin? Is anybody out there?) to the downright funny (Why do cats sit in circles?) Divided into chapters on People, Earth, Nature, Space and Miscellaneous Mysteries, this visually stunning compendium breaks down even the most complex topics and theories so everyone can puzzle over unanswered questions. The colourful and arresting artwork draws readers in further to ask How? What? And Why? This riveting book will capture the imagination of curious minds young and old. Maybe they can solve some of these riddles. Or maybe, some things will remain in the Mysteryverse ...


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