Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards - Shannon Kaiser

Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards - Shannon Kaiser

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Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook to Awaken & Align with Your True Power.


Our current world is in chaos, with anxiety levels at an all-time high.  Fear has set in on a collective, global level.  Now more than ever we need tools to cultivate grounding and strength.

To address this need comes Shannon Kaiser’s Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle Cards, an interactive deck designed and written by acclaimed coach, teacher, speaker, and author Shannon Kaiser.  Responding to her hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and online community members, she offers here an engaging practice tool for applying her signature teachings to our daily lives.

“We’ve been looking outside of ourselves and thinking we’ll find the answers there,” Shannon says.  “We’ve been unknowingly giving our power away because we aren’t taught how to believe and trust in ourselves.  So we stay stuck in a perpetual cycle of worry and hopelessness.”

But we can break that cycle.

These 44 energetically infused cards feature stunning designs, offering empowering insights and practices to help us find peace and strength amid the chaos.  Draw a card whenever inspired, to connect with your inner light, activate your deeper purpose, and become the love and light in times of darkness.  This oracle deck helps us gain the confidence to be true to ourselves with the support of the divine wisdom and energies all around us.

Includes an in-depth 144-page guidebook.

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