Together: Food for Sharing - Cherie Metcalfe

Together: Food for Sharing - Cherie Metcalfe

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Mouth-watering, memorable recipes designed to share, from the author of Keepers

There's nothing Cherie Metcalfe likes more than bringing people together with good food. The trained chef and creator of Pepper & Me products believes that sharing food with those you love is one of the easiest shortcuts to happiness.

With more than 70 beautifully photographed recipes, there are dishes for everyone - from sides and salads to bigger plates and sweet delights - no products required. Think savoury pancake tacos with fried egg, avo and salsa; chickpea, spinach and feta sausie rolls; za'atar lamb with smashed olives and caper dressing; and, to finish, a cheeky raspberry cheesecake blondie. This is flavour-packed food at its best, with an inspirational twist on the classics we all love.

These are recipes you'll want to cook again and again. So get together, celebrate, and share the love with family and friends.

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