The Stray Cats of Homs - Eva Nour

The Stray Cats of Homs - Eva Nour

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A haunting novel from the heart of the Syrian war. Based on true events.

'In Arabic, a cat has seven souls, and in English they are meant to have nine lives. You must have had both nine lives and seven souls, or else I just don’t know how you’ve survived.'

Growing up in Homs, one of the largest cities in Syria, Sami’s childhood is like that of any ordinary child’s - an innocent blend of home and school, of friends and siblings and pets (including stray cats and dogs, and the tortoise he keeps on the roof).

But everything changes when young Sami is conscripted into the military and forced to train as a map maker, shielded from the worst horrors of the battle field but nevertheless unable to avoid his own nightmare.

Inspired by extraordinary true events, The Stray Cats of Homs started out as a love story, and turned into a novel.




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