The Spies of Shilling Lane - Jennifer Ryan

The Spies of Shilling Lane - Jennifer Ryan

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From the bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir comes a thrilling new WWII story about a village busybody—the mighty Mrs. Braithwaite—who resolves to find, and then rescue, her missing daughter

Mrs. Braithwaite, a middle-aged mother and divorcee, hasn’t been happy in a long time. She’s estranged from her daughter—who now lives in London—and was recently alienated by her small English village. In the midst of her frustration and despair, she decides she must travel to London to find Betty and share a secret she has kept from her for far too long. But when she arrives, Betty’s landlord, a fainthearted but endearing accountant named Mr. Norris, informs her that Betty is missing.

Among the chaos of the Blitz, Mrs. Braithwaite will need to gather her best amateur detective wits—and a very reluctant Mr. Norris—to find her dear daughter, who may be in danger. With the help of unexpected allies who become friends along the way, Mrs. Braithwaite and Mr. Norris ultimately come to trust each other and find the courage and ingenuity in order to save the day.


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