The Sentence - Christina Dalcher

The Sentence - Christina Dalcher

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‘Shocking, emotive, urgent and original’ Chris Whitaker

’A non-stop thrill ride’ Jeffery Deaver

’Queen of the “what if” thriller. Unflinching, unguessable and unputdownable’ Simon Lelic
’Thrilling, topical and timely … I ripped through this in a few days’ Louise Swanson

’Provocative, inventive and compulsively page-turning’ David Koepp

The one decision you can’t take back

Prosecutor, Justine Boucher has only asked for the death penalty once, in a brutal murder case.

In doing so, she put her own life on the line. Because, if the convicted are later found innocent, the lawyer who requested the execution will be sentenced to death.

Justine had no doubt that the man she sent to the chair was guilty.

Until now.

Presented with evidence that could prove his innocence, Justine must find out the truth before anyone else does.

Her life depends on it.


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