The Secret Lives Of Unicorns - Dr Temisa Seraphini & Sophie Robin

The Secret Lives Of Unicorns - Dr Temisa Seraphini & Sophie Robin

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If you thought unicorns were strictly imaginary, think again. 

Anatomy, evolution, life cycle, magical properties: prepare to learn just how much you didn't know you didn't know about unicorns. Dive into the life's work of famed unicornologist Professor Temisa Seraphini with this beautiful, fully-illustrated encyclopedic volume of unicorn knowledge. Meet species from the fjords of the north to the unforgiving deserts of the equator as you discover the wonders of this enchanting creature from past to present. 

Book Features: 


  • Presents unicorns in an enormously developed universe; perfect for avid readers with a love of fantasy.
  • A imaginative take on zoology and animal conservation.
  • First collaboration with a new and talented illustrator.

  • About the Author

    Professor Temisa Seraphini grew up in Nottingham where she first encountered a unicorn in the wild, igniting a lifelong passion for their study and conservation. She is now a leading expert on Unicorns and Unicornology at the University of Forgotten Magical Creatures.