The Prince of the Skies - Antonio Iturbe

The Prince of the Skies - Antonio Iturbe

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From the bestselling author of The Librarian of Auschwitz comes another epic historical novel translated by Lilit Žekulin Thwaites and based on a true story – the extraordinary life and mysterious death of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince.

Poet. Aristocrat. Pilot. Hero.

Only the best pilots are given jobs at Latécoère, France. The successful candidates include Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A man whose desire to fly will put him at odds with his aristocratic family and the girl who loves him – but who wants to keep him grounded. Together with his friends Jean and Henri, they will change the history of aviation and pioneer new mail routes across the world. But Antoine is also destined to touch the lives of millions of readers with his story The Little Prince.
But as war begins to threaten Europe, Antoine’s greatest adventure is yet to come . . .




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