The Ministry of Quizzes - David Gentle

The Ministry of Quizzes - David Gentle

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Test your chances against the The Ministry of Quizzes – the ultimate authority for quiz solvers, setters and scholars, from David Gentle, author of On the Tip of My Tongue.

Perfect for fans of the GCHQ Puzzle BookBletchley Park Brainteasers, and The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book.

Formed by the 1957 Quizzing and Puzzling Act, from a merger between the Board of General Knowledge and the Office of Quizmasters, this small but essential government department is the national authority on all matters relating to quizzes, puzzles and general knowledge trivia.

The Ministry of Quizzes is unique in its eclectic mix of intriguing and irresistible quiz and puzzle formats . . . everything, in fact, that you would expect from of a government department dedicated to the field.

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